2015 Master's Program Entrance Exam Information

2015 Master's Program Entrance Exam Information




2015 NCTU Department of Information Management and Finance

Institute of Information Management Admission Information  
(For general purposes please follow NCTU admission guide)
Application Dates: Dec/11/ 2014 - Dec/16/2014, 5:00PM
Written Exam Date: Feb/6/2015
1.    Admission Quota: 15 (full time students. Actual numbers should refer to the school’s admission guide )
2.    Specialized Subjects Examined: 50% (calculator not allowed)
a.    Group A:
                                      i.        Introduction to Computer Science
                                     ii.        Introduction to Data Structure and Networking
b.    Group B: Introduction to Computer Science
                                      i.        Introduction to Computer Science
                                     ii.        Management Information System
3.    Admission Instruction:
a.    General Subjects Examined: English - 15% (Not Including first round exams)
1st Round Exams: Specialized subject 50%
2nd Round Exams: Applicant Info Audition: 35%, English 15%
c.    Applicants qualified for 2nd round exams will be chosen based on the results of 1st round exams on specialized subjects.
d.    Exam applicants please submit Audition Information to:
 - Recipient: Institute of Information Management - Master’s Program Admission Staff
 - Address: No. 1001 , Da Xue Road, East Dist., Hsinchu City
Audition Information:
1.    Full college transcript (Including average scores and ranking proofs)
2.    Extra information included such as: GMAT and TOEFL scores, paper published, proofs of honors received … etc. 
3.    Log on to the Institute’s website: http://www.iim.nctu.edu.tw/exam
Register and fill out application information, print and mail the completed form along with other audition information to the institute’s address mentioned above..


e.    The actual admission number of each exam group will be determined by the admission council after verifying factors such as exam scores, number of applicants...etc.