Professor Yearsort icon Title Cooperation
Chi-Chun Lo 99 A Network Behavior Analysis System for Cloud Computing Service CAMEL
Dr.Liu 99 Research on Knowledge-flow View Models and Knowledge-flow Abstraction Methods NSC
Dr. Li 99 Electronic Commerce over Social Media: Social Recommendation and Trading Mechanisms NSC
Dr. Lo 99 A Service-Oriented Dynamic Data Driven Application System based on Cloud Computing NSC
Dr. Chen 99 Cloud Computing Based Dynamic Physical Behavior Analysis for Financial Trading Decision NSC
Dr. Yu 99 Innovation Dynamics: Optimal Transformation of Competence Sets and Creation of Values(III) NSC
Dr.Tsai 99 A game-theoretic system security design for the digital image watermarking NSC
Dr. Lo 99 A Network Behavior Analysis System for Cloud Computing Service NSC
Chi-Chun Lo 97 Authentication Problem on WLAN CHUNG-SHAN Institute of Science and Technology
Po-An Chen 2013 Learning and Dynamics in Repeated Games NSC
Prof. Li 2013 A Super Gnomon Method for Solving Polynomial Integer Programs NSC
Prof. Hwang 2013 Critical Factors Affecting the Use of EMR Exchange: Physicians' Perspective NSC
Prof. Lin 2013 Multi-Agent Scheduling Subject to Resource Constraints NSC
prof. Liu 2013 Research on Mining User Virtual Life and Social Contact Activitives for Predictions and Recommedations in Virtual World Platforms NSC
Prof. Lo 2013 An Intelligent Transportation Management System Based on Cellular Network Data NSC
Prof. Li 2013 Design of Mobility Intelligence Mechanism and Context-Aware Commerce Services NSC
prof. Lin 2013 Resource - constrained Scheduling with Separate ecycling Operations NSC
Dr. Li 103 GTmap
Dr. Li 101  Developing a Hyper-Cube Method for Finding the Classification Rules of Given Objects NSC
Dr. Li 101 A Logarithmic Method for Solving Nonlinear Knapsack Problems NSC